Teaching shy, introverted people how to have more confidence for everyday life.

I'm a Confidence & Relationship Coach focused on teaching you how to confidently set boundaries in your health, career and relationships so you can make meaningful connections easily. 

Having confidence is the key to getting what you want and going head-to-head with some of your greatest fears. It's also how you create long-lasting relationships that don't drain you or push you to the edge.

When you confidently set boundaries in all areas of your life, you'll be able to boldly move on from bad relationships, toxic work environments, body shame and so much more.

Being confident in who you are and what you can offer the world, and any relationship, is the missing link when it comes to moving forward and finding the right path.

It's what so many people need when it comes to putting themselves out there and going after what they want. There's a way to grow and stretch your comfort levels without being uncomfortable, I'm here to teach you how.

Work with me and we'll release fears, limitations and insecurities and set you on a clear and direct path specific to what you want out of life without drama, overwhelm and at your own pace.

Ready to get confident?


“Rachael is amazing. She possesses such a depth of knowledge of how the body works, what it needs, and how we can be more in tune with it so we can treat it right. She helped me adjust my meals to be more efficient with work, figure out ways to sneak in little “me” moments, and take care of my emotional needs with love and logic.

I’m so excited for everyone that will work with her – she truly cares about you!”

– Julie



It's time you opened the door to more possibilities.



My one of a kind approach to coaching teaches you how to embrace the incredible person you already are, how to build healthy boundaries in all areas of your life and release any limitations that have been holding you back, leaving you confident, informed and empowered to build a life you love on everything you've learned - all while having fun.