Teaching you how to have unshakeable confidence.

I'm a Confidence and Relationship coach focused on teaching people how to have confidence inside and out. I'm passionate about teaching people how to release their negative stories about themselves and remove limitations around their bodies, career, health and relationships. 

Together we change what's possible for you and build a life you love.


When you work with me you'll:

  • Attract and connect with the right people that will enrich your life,

  • Release body shame and redefine how you feel about your body,

  • Be courageous in giving proper attention to yourself without feeling guilty,

  • Find and embrace the health and lifestyle that works for you,

  • Have confidence to speak up in uncomfortable conversations,

  • Be empowered to move on from bad relationships,

  • Give yourself permission to have work-life boundaries,

  • Strategically prioritize what or who needs attention in your life,

  • Uncomplicate and simplify saying "no",

  • Increase your happiness and let the joyful, playful version of you prosper,

  • Be happily independent and grounded in who you are,

  • And so much more!


“Rachael is amazing. She possesses such a depth of knowledge of how the body works, what it needs, and how we can be more in tune with it so we can treat it right. She helped me adjust my meals to be more efficient with work, figure out ways to sneak in little “me” moments, and take care of my emotional needs with love and logic.

I’m so excited for everyone that will work with her – she truly cares about you!”

– Julie



It's time you opened the door to more possibilities.



My one of a kind approach to coaching teaches you how to boldly embrace the independent, caring and generous person you are and connect with others in an uncomplicated, authentic way.

Are there people in your life that can walk all over you or cause you to lose your voice? I can teach you how to confidently set the tone for how you need to be treated and ask for what you want without feeling pushy or icky.

Do you find that your inner voice constantly points out everything that you hate about yourself? I can teach you how to silence that inner critic and build unshakable confidence in what you look like and who you are.

When you get close to having what you want do you find that you get stuck, sabotaged or sick? I can teach you how to remove that resistance and prioritize that goal.