My Coaching will help you move past fears, insecurities and negative back-talk so you can open up more possibilities in your life and have the tools you need to reach for any goal.

Welcome to Healthy Introvert! 

I teach on confidence and shifting mindsets when it comes to overcoming fear, perfectionism and changing habits for the better. Humans are goal setting people, we love to set them, work for them, reach them and then create a whole new set of them.

But there are some goals that always seem to evade us. Some lifestyle that we want, income that we're working for, a relationship we're craving. The missing link in all of these is confidence and healthy relationship boundaries.

That's why I'm a Confidence and Relationship coach. I work with clients to move them from a place of feeling perpetually stuck to progress, growth and success.

As a fellow introvert I know how hard it can be to put yourself out there and open up to someone you don't know, especially when it's talking about your fears, insecurities and all the things you want different in your life.

I get it and I want you to know that I'm here for you. I'd love to teach you how to stop running into a brick wall when it comes to pursuing your dreams and goals, how to eliminate negative beliefs right on the spot and how to take consistent action towards what you want - no matter how far away that dream may seem. We can make it your new reality.

Are you ready to move past what's been holding you back?



It's your time to be more, have more and do more.


Coaching is a constructive and helpful conversation that will give you the tools to move past what's blocking your progress and the added support and accountability you need to stay the course when you feel resistance.