All About You: It's Your Life & Your Time


a 60-day private coaching program where you'll transform your eating habits, body And mind.

reduce stress, exercise more, end emotional eating, stop sabotage (and take empowered action every day that supports your health).

    What's your main frustration with your eating and exercise habits?

    What needs to change for you? Not in the future, not tomorrow, but NOW.

    What are those frustrations currently costing you in terms of lost time, money or aggravation?

    It always costs something, where in your life are you currently paying for it?

    What would get better in your life if those frustrations were a non-issue?

    What else can you see happening for you once those problems are solved?

    Have your answers? I'm here to teach you how to make solving your frustrations a reality (and not just a wishing exercise).

    Because if switching up eating habits and exercising more often seems like an uphill battle all by yourself, then it's time to try a different approach. After all, you've tried to change many times before but keep ending up back in the same place. And there's always something gets in the way and stops you cold in your tracks.

    I teach you how to start over and turn your good habits into long lasting behavior.

    I know that you're already doing everything you can to eat right and exercise but...

    • Bad habits keep creeping back in,
    • Forcing yourself to exercise is exhausting,
    • You're absolutely starving on your diet,
    • The weight isn't coming off as easily as it used to,
    • & you worry that you'll get stuck like this, that this is the best it can get.

    please believe me when i tell you this - it can get better.

    The All About You coaching program will teach you exactly what to eat, how to move, how to lose weight and how to prioritize your time so it all gets done. We'll remove sabotage and resistance you have around food and exercise, end emotional eating and stop you from feeling physically burned out.

    It's time to love the skin you're in and build the healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted. I'm here to help create not only the mindset you need to be successful in taking consistent action, but also give you step by step action and knowledge around your eating and exercise habits.

    If it feels like an uphill battle and you don't really know where to start, then it's time for a coach.

    You're reading this right now because you want something to be different.

    You want to stop emotional eating. Maybe you want to lose weight. Maybe it's simply exercise more and actually go the gym you're a member of.

    Whatever the case, if it feels like a fight with your body every time you take a step in the right direction then I'm so glad you're here because I can help. 

    You would love to:

    • easily button your pants

    • stop forcing yourself to workout


    • not feel left out when it comes to food


    • find a way to eat that works for you and your family

    • love going BATHING SUIT SHOPPING


    • manage your stress better

    • use Food for fuel and not emotions

    • know what to do so you can get what you want

    I’m here and ready to bring the solutions to your problems.

    and stop you from having to start over all the time.

    And I totally get it; I’ve been in that boat. I always told myself that "I don't have time for that" and my body really suffered from it.

    I constantly craved sugar, caffeine and gave my body whatever it wanted whenever it wanted it. I honestly didn't see a problem with it, after all I worked hard and I deserved this glass of wine!

    But I hated exercise, hated sweating and couldn't imagine ever enjoying being in a gym or just going for a 10k run on the weekend for fun. I stopped exercising and my muscles got weaker as time went on. I couldn't do a push up to save myself and running was out of the question.

    I completely burned out and ended up bed ridden with chronic pain for two years. And I only got better when I unapologetically put myself first – valuing my health and spending time on it is the best decision I’ve ever made.

    My turning point was when I addressed why I was eating and healed the emotional reasons driving my decisions. When I shifted my mindset around exercise and found my powerful motivation to keep moving each and every day. 

    I'm here to help you rebuild the reasons behind why you eat and exercise so you can look and feel the way you've always wanted to.

    You May Feel Like

    • You're too busy to exercise or cook at home meals,
    • That working out doesn’t come naturally to you and you feel awkward,
    • There's absolutely no way you could be happy eating healthy,
    • It's too hard to change your habits, you've already tried and it didn't last,
    • You keep wasting money on exercise DVD's and meal plans that don't work,
    • You start new things all the time but fall bad into bad habits sooner rather than later,
    • Nothing ever sticks and you constantly start over,
    • & the spin bike in your house spends more time drying clothes than being a bike.

    The problem is that you're taking away bad habits but not replacing them with anything.

    So your old habits (i.e. emotional eating & hatred of exerise) fall back into place because restriction doesn't work - that's why diets aren't sustainable either.

    Every time you try to change your brain goes "stop! not safe!" and then you sabotage yourself.

    And what you need are the tools to not only get rid of bad habits, but direction and clarity on what habits to build instead that will get you the body and lifestyle you want.

    What would your life look like in 2 months if you found a way to love exercise, keep your cravings in check, eat without guilt and easily manage your stress?

    IF YOU GIVE ME 8 WEEKS OF YOUR TIME, I’LL GIVE YOU THE KEY to transform your mind and body.

    We’re going to take targeted action on uncovering why you have so much resistance to change, what's unconciously stopping you from making that change and how to build value around what you want in a way that makes it inevitable that you stay committed.

    Because today is the day you take your life back.

    And it’s your time to focus on your health and built the life and body you deserve.

    The All About You Program

    Will not only transform how you view yourself and your body, but also give you better energy, more confidence and an understanding of exactly what your body needs to feel and perform at it's best. You'll remove what's been holding you back, keeping you stuck and have the tools to combat sabotage when it happens. 




    "Since working with Rachael I look at food in a different way and do meal prep for most work days, on the days I don't do it I don't beat myself up about it. And having an appointment every week to focus on my goals and regroup has really made an impact on how I plan my week, what I want to do and I like setting time aside to organize myself."

    - Dara

    The All About You Program Is For You If

    • You JUST want exercise to be easy for once in your life.
    • You want to recognize your sabotages, stop them right away & get back on track fast.
    • You’re dying to put an end to whatever is stopping you from taking care of yourself.
    • You want to set a good example of a healthy lifestyle and balance for your family.
    • You just need someone to tell you how to stay committed when life gets crazy.
    • You’re ready to learn exactly what you need to do in order to reach your fit goals.
    • You’re tired of feeling stressed out and unhappy with how you look.
    • You want to change now so you don’t have to keep working on the same problem.
    • You want to actually enjoy bathing suit shopping.
    • You don’t want to keep working on the same problem.
    • You want to stop stress eating.
    • You’re dying to put an end to whatever is stopping you from eating well.
    • You just need someone to tell you how to stay on track when life gets messy.
    • You want to know exactly what you need to do in order to take better care of yourself.
    • You want to build healthy boundaries that last.
    • You’re tired of hating how you look.
    • You want to change and keep it so you don’t have to keep fixing the same problem.


    Schedule Your Intitial Session Here


    It's a 45-Minute discovery session where

    • We get to know each other,
    • You get at least one major "aha" about how to get closer to your goal,
    • Go over any payment plans you may need,
    • & we figure out when to get started!

    Here’s What You Get

    > > > 8 weeks of private, one on one coaching to reshape how you feel about exercise, rebuild your relationship to food, spend time on yourself without guilt, manage your stress and practical steps to bring it all into action.

    > > > A 60 minute call each week to build on what you’re learning and remove obstacles one at a time - 8 calls in total.

    > > > 2 additional, 30 minute follow-up coaching calls to hold you accountable and break through resistance.

    > > > Initial, free 45-Minute Discovery Session to help you outline your goals and find your biggest motivation that will keep you on track, before we get started.

    > > > You’ll receive action steps each week between our calls to integrate what you’re learning into your daily routine.

    > > > You have email access to me Monday through Friday during work hours for any emergency you may have and to keep your train on its tracks.

    > > > You have access to me through a speak to text app called Voxer (totally free!) for quick Q&A outside your calls during the entire coaching program to help you stay on track.

    > > > You’ll receive the added bonus of recap emails after each session so you know exactly what to do for that week and can refer back to it so you have everything you need to be successful.

    > > > Beautiful, done for you handouts and worksheets.

    By The End Of The Program You’ll

    • Have daily and weekly routines in action that support your exercise and eating habits,
    • Know the right eating plan specific to you that your body loves,
    • Have identified and released any negative feelings about your body, exercise & food,
    • Know exactly what your body needs for protein,
    • Have kicked sugar addiction and boosted your energy,
    • Know exactly what to eat in any situation (parties, vacation, birthdays) without binging,
    • Be able to easily combat sabotage and stop it from throwing you off your game,
    • Have the tools you need to keep yourself a priority when you get busier,
    • Keep up your exercise routine regardless of busy schedules or last minute changes,
    • Stop resisting the new body and health you're creating,
    • Be able to easily make smart and informed choices about what you eat,
    • & know how to stop reverting back to old habits that don't serve you.


    Investment: $1297

    *payment plans are available

    • 2 month payment plan - 2 payments of $660
    • 4 month payment plan - 4 payments of $350

    You’re going to go from feeling overwhelmed, burned out & stressed to...

    • WANTING to exercise




    • easily handling schedule changes

    • embracing taking care of yourself


    • LOVING the results you see

    • & BEING ACTIVE in ways you never thought were possible

    Ready to jump in? Let’s get started!

    Get started by booking a free 45-minute Discovery Session. This lays the groundwork for the program as well as answers any questions you may have about me.

    Talk soon!

    xo Rachael


    "Talking about what gets in the way for me, is really helpful because I don’t have that in my life. To have the opportunity and have you be a presence that says well let’s tease it out a little bit and look at the positive or challenge and how you can approach it differently."

    - Rita


    What’s the Time Commitment?

    You and I talk for 60 minutes on the phone each week for 8 weeks with action steps at the end of every call to challenge you to move forward. Your action steps will change your daily routine but only in a way that you know is attainable and still challenging for you. This isn't a homework heavy course and outside the 1 hour you spend with me, you'll be spending time on making those small changes and adjustments that you've been challenged to do.

    HOw is this different from working with a trainer, nutritionist or therapist?

    My coaching programs remove the resistance you have to exercise, eating healthy and spending time on yourself while releasing negative emotions, guilt and shame so that you can go out and be motivated to make smart choices. This is the step before trainers, nutritionists and therapists. Because your mindset directs all your actions. And my coaching shifts that so you're set up for ultimate success! Your short-term accountability to my program will build long-term accountability to yourself and build a healthy future.


    My schedule does fill up quickly because I have limited coaching hours every week. But! If you're ready to jump in and need a different time not offered, email me directly at so we can find a time that works for both of us!

    HOW do I know I'm a good fit for this?

    This course does move quickly - it's 8 weeks for a reason! I believe that people best see change when they are motivated, fired up and ready to dig through what's holding them back. I keep things short, sweet but powerful. I don't believe in a lot of fluff or hand holding, if you want to finally find that balance between taking care of yourself and giving 100% to everything that you do then you're in the right place. I'm here to challenge you to move past your sabotage, to release disempowering beliefs about yourself and build incredible value around your health, your body and the endless possibilities it will give you that you'll end the course thinking "I can't believe I haven't been doing this my whole life, it's so natural!"


    It's perfectly normal to experience a little jolt before you invest in yourself, especially when it's something new. And I completely understand any hesistation you may have to jump in. My signature coaching program is designed to help you solve your health problems now so you don't have to pay for it later.

    When you change your habits and remove obstacles around having a healthy lifestyle and taking care of yourself consistently, you'll not only feel the positive emotional and physical affects but you'll avoid costly medication, doctor's visits, and prevent your body from falling apart. I'm here to help you get the results you need NOW so you can build the best possible future for yourself.

    When it comes to the initital investment for my 2-month program, I have payment plans available so you can break it down if you need to. There's a 2 month plan and a 4 month plan so the overall cost is broken down into smaller chunks. This way you can get the coaching you need at a financial pace that's right for you. 


    I want you to get the very best out of your coaching time with me. But if after the first two weeks of the program you realize "hey this isn't for me", you have the option for a 100% refund. This is an investment in yourself and your future. I want you to feel as comfortable as possible to take that initial step, that's why I have the 2 week refund policy. This is a safe space for you to completely transform your life and I'm honored to be a part of it.

    Ready to Go? Book Your Session Below.