By Rachael Taylor

Welcome to 2018!

I hope your holiday season was amazing!


My New Year's was spent in Mammoth skiing for the first time! It was super fun but I highly recommend wearing some omni heat first layer clothing if you hate the cold but love the idea of snow (like me).

I'm so excited to be back in your inbox and help you make this your strongest, happiest, and most productive year ever.

Let's crush your health goals.

We're kicking things off with a common problem - how to stay motivated to keeping your new year's resolutions.

If you're anything like me, you've created a chart that outlines all the things you want to accomplish this year and seperated them out into categories. (Ok maybe you're not like me but hey I loved charts, I mean I was a bookkeeper in a past life. Can I get a QuickBooks shout out?)

I made resolutions and goals in these four areas: physical, social, financial and creative.

  • Physical - To run 3 miles in the sand - I live across from the beach - 3 times a week and to mix up my strength training with pilates, yoga, and light resistance training. My Christmas present was money for a bike so that I could cruise along the esplinade on the weekends to help me stay moving for that very specific reason - pictures coming soon.
  • Social - To take mini 3-day vacations throughout the year with my boyfriend and friends. We have a whole host of things we love to do outside and thrive on exploring new areas and places together. But it takes work/life boundaries for that and it's something I didn't have last year.
  • Financial - To build my savings back up to 10k and launch my online course as well as my book this year. I'm actually building an DIY course focused on changing your habits in 6 weeks after seeing everyone's resolution hangovers this year. Stay tuned for more info about that later, I promise I will give you a heads up when it's going to be ready and you can check it out.
  • Creative - To work on my book every day and launch it by June of this year, to read before bed each night so I can actually finish a book on a monthly basis, and to start drawing again - something I lived for as a child and teenager but has been pushed to the back burner.

Holy guacamole, Batman that is a lot of change! 

So how in the world am I going to stick with all that??

By using these 2 simple tricks.

1. Find Your Motivating Factor.

Find a motivating factor for each of those that is strong enough for me to change THIS time and not repeat my past.

These are the WHY behind the WHY for my resolutions to give you some examples of what I mean.

  • Physical - To be strong enough to ski with my boyfriend and his family. Since I've had tons of injuries, surgeries, and still have bulging discs in my neck and back I have to stay strong if I want to bea ctive with them.
  • Social - To feed my natural adventure, feel the rush of traveling, and start to cross things off that ever-so-large bucket list that I started when I was 9 years old.
  • Financial - To feel independent and that I'm a responsible adult in charge of her own financial destiny. To have the freedom to travel and be social without guilt because I have that safety net.
  • Creative - To get back to who I am, to my roots and recognize how amazing I feel after I am creative. Even writing this to you right now I can feel my body come alive like I'm on a roller coaster. Being creative feeds my soul.

2. Get Accountable.

Honestly unless your friend is a coach and you're paying them to hold you accountable, they may end up falling off the track before you do and it can be really discouraging. I recommend holding yourself accountable by creating visuals regarding your goals that you'll see every day.

I use Anchors in my phone, on my laptop screen, on my desk, and I write them down in a journal about once a month to update and cement them into my heart.

I simply write down my goal, WHY I want it to be different and then I look at it several times throughout every day to inspire me to stay the course of change.

And that's it! That's how you keep your resolutions, find that Motivating Factors and then Anchor it with visuals you see every day, throughout your day.

So now I ask you this, what are your resolutions this year for your...





Let me know in the comments on the blog.

You can also copy and paste the four categories and write your resolutions down in the Facebook thread that you can find pinned to the top of the Healthy Introvert page. Get there by clicking on this link.

Never forget that you got this! Any change you want to make CAN happen because today is the day that you take your life back.




P.S. Got friends that struggle with their resolutions? Forward this blog - they'll thank you for it. :) 

P.P.S. My blog is now going out at 9:00 am each Thursday, mixing it up in 2018!

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