By Rachael Taylor

So you're working to lose weight but it seems to be taking forever. You're doing everything you can and working harder than you ever have but it doesn't seem to be happening.

I see this all the time and I think it's a really big frustration that a lot of us have and it can feel discouraging to keep going. Luckily, there are a lot of simple tweaks that you can do to help support your weight loss goals.

I've put together a checklist outlining the 5 Mistakes That People Make When Trying To Lose Weight and How To Fix Them. You can download it here (it'll open in a new window so you can keep reading).

A common reaction to "I want to lose 3 pounds" is to cut calories, jump into militant exercise and deprive yourself of all the foods you love. But here's the problem with that - it's not sustainable. And it's going to be very difficult to keep up and not binge out on all the foods you're missing.

Mistake #1:

Cutting calories and undereating. If your body isn't getting the nourishment it needs to function properly, it's going to hold on to any fat it has in the body because it jumps into starvation mode.

Mistake #2:

Not eating the right kinds or amounts of protein. You need muscle to be able to function at its best and give you more energy (not to mention keep up with your movement routine). And muscle is built with protein.

Mistake #3:

Too much cardio, not enough strength training. Your body needs its joints supported by muscle in order to keep up with your cardio routine, you need both to lose weight.

Mistake #4:

Over caffeinating for energy. Turning to energy drinks or multiple cups of energy for energy will only cause your blood sugar to spike up and down. And then getting to the gym will be that much harder.

Mistake #5:

Irregular and non-supportive eating schedule. What you eat, how you eat and when you eat are the three pillars of healthy eating behaviors. Again, not having a normal or supportive eating schedule will mess with your blood sugar.

Read the solutions to each mistake here.

I want you to set yourself up for success. You have everything you need to be successful in hitting that weight loss goal and building that into a long, lasting behavior. And you don't necessarily need more information, but actually curated information. Tips and tricks and instructions customized to what you need. That's what I do as your coach. We go through everything step by step: what to eat, how to eat, when to eat, how to exercise, how to stay committed, what your body is craving, how to stop sabotage and finding the time for yourself. 

What is your biggest frustration with trying to lose weight?

How would it make a difference in your life if you had the solution for that?

Schedule a free 45-minute discovery session to discover how we can work together to solve that frustration and move you forward into long, lasting healthy behaviors in a fun and effective way.

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xo Rachael

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