By Rachael Taylor

Hey there pretty lady!

It’s fall! A normally lovely time of year, the leaves are changing, there’s a crispness in the air, rain falls at night, and no coffee shop is complete with some sort of pumpkin spice beverage and scone. But when you have chronic fatigue and pain, fall and the colder months are the signs of rough living. The cold seems to seep into your bones and double the years on your life. Everything is so much harder and your pain levels flare up with no end in sight.

Why am I talking to you about this? Because I want you to be able to enjoy some of the most beautiful months of the year again. Just this morning I woke up to seeing that it had rained and I stopped in my tracks. Why? Because I didn’t know it was going to rain. In the olden days, I would spend anywhere from 24 hours to an entire week knowing that the rain was on its’ way. And I bet that’s what you go through too.

So today I want to give you some of my best tips for making it through the cold and getting back to loving the rain (cause it’s really pretty and sounds amazing so you should be able to enjoy it).

#1 Socks and more socks.

Make sure you have comfy, thick socks by your bedside table that you can put on before you get out of bed. Never let your feet touch cold ground and keep them toasty with long, thick socks. The warmer your feet are, the happier they will be.

#2 Hot beverages.

The worst part about the cold is feeling like you can’t get warm. So warm yourself up from the inside out with hot water and tea. Maybe add some lemon to your hot water or something like an emergenc to make it more interesting.

#3 Short sleeved shirts over long sleeved shirts.

Layers are your friend. Wearing a camisole or tank top underneath your shirt will keep the trunk of your body warm and help you feel less like a frozen zombie. Having that close and tight shirt underneath everything else makes all the difference in your heat levels.

#4 Deep breathing under blankets.

You’re cold and you know what’s coming so your body is tensing up in anticipation for future pain, aches, and fatigue. This only adds to the stress. It’s like watching a suspenseful movie, waiting to see what happens is usually worse than the thing that actually happens. So grab some blankets, snuggle in bed or on your couch and practice some deep breathing to relax your body and enjoy the warmth. Deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth where you feel your shoulders relax and your body melt down to the floor are the kind you’re looking for.

#5 Take time for something fun.

Don’t hide away completely when it’s rainy and getting cold because then you’ll feel even more alone. You don’t have to go outside and be active, just don’t isolate yourself. Invite friends over that you love and you can laugh with and have them hang out. Do something fun like watch a movie, cook if you love cooking, board games for something different, or card games to wake your mind up a little.

These are the 5 things I started to do in the beginning of managing my pain the natural way to really give my body what it needed and let it heal. Sometimes we push ourselves too much and don’t spend time on little things and actions that can make a big difference. Add these into your daily routine whenever it gets cold or you’re feeling extra achy that day.

Comment below with what your favorite rain-ache combat strategies are and share this with anyone who needs some extra love this fall season!

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Have a great day, stay strong, and remember, today is the day you take back your life.


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