By Rachael Taylor

Hey there pretty lady!

Health blocks are what?

Your health blocks are anything that is stopping you from having it all when it comes to your exercise routine, your eating habits, and your lifestyle.

Health blocks come in a variety of flavors and manifest in so many ways in our lives.

A block for you could be:

  • planning to run for the next 30 days but stopping at day 3
  • having an argument with your best friend and then having a dinner of only wine & pasta that night
  • being unable to lose weight regardless of your calorie count
  • skipping meals throughout the day because you're too busy and then eating everything in your fridge like the cookie monster when you get home
  • exercising like a MOFO and eating 300 calories under what you should but still not losing weight (and you're starving like all the time)
  • feeling so fatigued that you hide in bed each night with your good friends tv and cheese
  • your anxiety stops you from enjoying your life and you live in fear of the future
  • hearing bad or sad news and going right for the cupboard or freezer

You get the idea. Our emotions and stresses have an impact on what we eat, how we move, and the decisions we make.

The key to changing our relationship to food and exercise is building an awareness and curiosity around our actions so we can build better, non-destructive habits into our lives.

So my health blocks were totally controlling my life.

Before working with my coach a few of my health blocks were mismanaged stress management, internalized emotions and frustrations, a lack of commitment to exercise and a fear of injury and pain from it, fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, chronic anxiety, a deep love and addition to chips and red wine and hatred of vegetables, and an overall angst at my figure and a consistent, relentless focus on all the things wrong with it. 

Sounds fun to be in my head, eh? Remember I said that those were only a few! Egads. #complicated

Needless to say I was all over the place. I was in pain, I hated my body, I was terrified of the future, and I didn't see how anything could change.

This isn't the part where I tell you it magically went away in a week and I'm all better now. (wouldn't that be nice?)

And I sought out an alternative to medication in managing my fibromyalgia and overcoming my depression and anxiety.

I had done extensive research on fibromyalgia over ten years, about two months after they diagnosed me at 16, and had found a connection between managing stress and people's physical and emotional pain. I also found that those women that were most successful in reducing their pain and had gotten off medication (with their doctor's eagle eye on them) had built a positive mindset and released a lot of negative emotions and painful past memories. They built an awareness and compassion for their body and listened to it without anger or judgement.

Over the next three years I worked with weight lifting trainers, Pilates instructors, acupuncturists, hypnotherapists, massage therapists, and a counselor in an effort to build a better Rachael. And while I did build up the strength to get off medication, I found that I still struggled with my anxiety, fatigue, and was absolutely depressed about my future because I felt that I would never get to where I wanted to go. I truly believed that I would never get better.

My Experience with my coach was EPIC.

My coach took me through all these exercises that dug up all the emotional gunk that had been festering in my body all these years. We used anchoring, EFT, positive mantras, visualization exercises, and introspective exercises to break free from all the ick and make room for all the abundance. Having a coach was the key for me to identify that all my fears and insecurities were triggering me to reach for salt and sugar on the hour every hour to manage the stress. This lack of nutrition was actually adding to the existing pain in my body and my lack of energy was stopping me from daily movement. 

Once I found the emotional triggers, I understood why I did the things I did. Once I understood why I did the things I did, I could change the habit. Once I changed the habit, I had my coach to hold me accountable to keep the change. And since my coach held me accountable to keep those changes, I now actually want to eat the foods that I used to hate. I actually want to get up off my couch and get moving. I can now recognize when stress is trying to take over and I have the tools to stop me from jumping off the stress ledge.

And that is why I'm a coach.

That transformation set me free. It gave me the tools to stop being a victim and have a choice in my life. If you have ever been in any chronic pain you understand how powerless you feel. But now I have a choice. And my life's work is dedicated to unlocking that power for you. If you feel powerless, overwhelmed, afraid, frustrated, or hopeless then this 90-Day program is for you. Believe me when I say, that I have felt all those things all at once and I thought that was my story. But it's not my story and it's not yours either. You have a choice in how you want your life to be shaped and sometimes we need a little help and guidance to get there. 

It's why I'm here.

I want to help guide you through your health blocks and help you understand why you don't have what you want and how to get there and stay there no matter what curveball life throws at you. You can use this link to schedule your initial discovery session and learn how you can change your story in the next 90-Days.

What Blocks Do You Struggle With and How Do You Deal With Them? Leave a Comment Below and Share With Your Friends! And Remember...

The key to changing our relationship to food and exercise is building an awareness and curiosity around our actions so we can build better, non-destructive habits into our lives.


Today is the day you take back your life.



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