By Rachael Taylor

We've all been there, your meeting runs long, you have to suddenly pick someone up, the day just basically gets away from you and there goes lunch.

In my experience, it can be one of the hardest meals to get in. It's easy in the morning and at night because you're hungry when you wake up or you're cooking for other people. Even if it's a small to-go breakfast, it always gets in. Lunch can be so easily overlooked.

But when you skip meals, you put yourself in a sticky situation and create these 3 problems.

1. Your blood sugar will drop.

When your blood sugar drops, so does your energy and your body goes into panic mode. It starts to search for a quick fix to get it's blood sugar back up, usually in the form of fat, sugar and dairy. 

That's why that soda suddenly looks so tempting. Or you get in the habit of 3 pm double decaf latte with mocha sprinkles. These things temporarily boost your energy, even make you feel like Supergirl as you fly from task to task, but it has a nasty side effect.

When you eat sugar, it raises your insulin levels to process it. But because your energy level crashed before your body is done processing the first round of sugar, when you add the second it raises your insulin levels even more.

2. Your body will hold on to fat.

When you skip meals and under eat your recommended calorie intake, your body starts to think "Oh no, I'm not getting food, I must be running out! Ok, hold on to everything because we may need it later!" 

This translates to your body holding on to fat and counteracts all the work you're doing to maintain or get to your perfect weight.

This mini "starvation mode" stresses your body out and also causes it to have decreased nutrient absorption, which basically means that your body isn't getting what it needs.

3. You run the risk of binging.

So if you've gone more than 3-4 hours without eating and you're at the point where your stomach is growling, you're setting yourself up to binge. This is where we run into trouble.

Picture this with me - before coaching, this is how most of my dinners were.

I've had back to back meetings, client teachings and I have of course skipped lunch.

Now that I've finally gotten home from work, I'm looking in your fridge, see leftovers that don't really look good, the food that I was planning on cooking, all the fixings for a kale and walnut salad but I'm so incredibly hungry that all that sounds good are noodles!

So I boil water and while I wait I snack on chips and salsa. Once my noodles are done, I eat the whole thing in under 5 minutes, and glue myself to my couch with a glass of red wine, mainly because my stomach won't let me move.

Notice the pattern? Chips, salsa, noodles, wine aka salt, sugar and oh yes more sugar.

Does that story sound familiar to you? It used to be my life, but it isn't anymore.

If any of that story resonated with you and you'd like it to be different, schedule a 90-Minute Session here for $97 so you can learn how to live each day with a balanced blood sugar and never miss lunch again.

Because that's what healthy is. It's finding a balance and living each day as close to that balance as possible. Does it mean that noodles are evil? No. Does it mean that you can never have chips and salsa again? Absolutely not. Does it mean that all sugar has to be cut out of your life? Not in the least.

But you do need to find a balance. And you do need to figure out a way to stop skipping meals and keep your energy levels up to avoid binging, weight-loss resistance and crashing.

And I'd love to help you learn how in this 90-MInute deep dive, Show Up For Yourself. It's 90-MInutes of custom, 1:1 coaching for $97. Click here to schedule it.

We'll go over how you're showing up for yourself when it comes to your eating habits and you'll walk away with a simple, actionable strategy to make that change. Together we'll work through what's holding you back and tackle it, removing that wall brick by brick.

I'm here with you for your journey! And you're ready for the next step.

xo Rachael

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