By Rachael Taylor

There’s so many different forms of exercise and movement that can help you build the strength, flexibility and tone that you want in your body.

But before you jump into an entirely new form of movement, consider these 5 things that will not only help you make an informed decision but also help you commit to your new routine.

You’ll want to write your answers out for this one, grab a journal and pen before you get started.

#1 What do you want?

Ask yourself, what result am I trying to get? Is it weight loss, strength, flexibility, all of the above? If you have multiple goals, prioritize them. It really boils down to one simple question.

What result do you need to see and feel in the next 90 days to have a sense of accomplishment and momentum to keep at it?

This answer is entirely specific to you and what you need to see in order to feel victorious and motivated to keep building on that.

Here’s where you start writing, answer the question above and then follow it up with this one>

What do you get to see, feel or experience when you have what you want?

#2 What form of exercise will get you what you need?

For instance, if you want flexibility and toning then something like Pilates, Yoga or Barre classes is for you. It will create long, lean muscle and increase your range of motion.

If you’re trying to lose weight, you’ll need to build a lot of strength and build out your muscles. If you’ve never lifted weights before, work with a trainer to get started so you understand form, how to rotate muscle groups and get a sense of how to use the equipment.

Start with light weight lifting and gradually build as you get stronger. Combine that with low amounts of cardio and gradually increase your cardio as you get stronger.

The best exercise routine is a combination of strength, cardio and flexibility. You have to stretch and foam roll out your muscles regardless of what you’re doing, especially if you’re lifting weights.

Always warm up your body before you start and cool it down afterwards.

Write it down now, what form of movement or exercise do you want to do?

#3 When are you going to do it?

Pull up your calendar and look at it. Based on what result you want and how quickly marks how often you’ll need to engage in that movement. Ideally, you’ll want to spend 3-5 days spread apart in your week to give your muscles a chance to not only recover but rebuild.

Look at the overall big picture. You’ll need to change your clothes beforehand, do the movement for 45 minutes to 60 minutes, shower afterwards and then there’s travel time on either side of that.

I don’t tell you this to overwhelm you, but to help you set yourself up for success. You want to make it’s inevitable that you’ll follow through.

So by understanding the time commitment involved, you’ll know how much time you’ll need to set aside for it.

Looking back at your calendar, what time are you currently spending on things that don’t serve you that could instead go to moving?

Is it an earlier wake up time to move first thing in the morning?

Is it an hour less of TV at the end of the night?

Is it bringing a pre-made, healthy lunch so you can use your lunch hour to get in at least 30 minutes of movement and then easily eat afterwards?

Block it ot in your calendar now. Be specific with what you’re going to do and when.

#4 Decide how important it is to you

I understand that starting anything new or changing a schedule can be overwhelming and seem like it’s just too much work. I encourage you to practice this simple mind shift to help you get past overwhelm.

Instead of looking at all that you have to do in order to get what you want, think about the result and how you’ll look and feel once you have what you want.
Close your eyes and imagine you have what you want. Write down how it feels, what it does for your career, how it affects your relationships and the changes it has in how people see you.

Just know that the changes you make will be worth it. And there is time in your day, it’s a matter of finding it and then creating space on your calendar (like a scheduled doctor’s appointment).

#5 Recognize your sabotages

Everyone has sabotages that keeps us from moving forward, changing or living to our highest potential. The key to staying committed to anything we do (especially change for the better) is pushing through those sabotages. Here’s how.

What gets in the way every time you set the intention to follow through with exercise or movement? What stops you?

Think about it for a couple minutes if you need. Visualize yourself lacing up your shoes and about to walk out the door to go to class, start your exercise DVD, etc. What happens that stops you?

Write it down.

Now underneath that sabotage write, “I am worthy and deserving of (insert goal from #1 here) and following through with (insert form of movement or exercise here) is easy and fun.

So for instance, “I am worthy and deserving of having a strong, fit body that fits all my favorite clothes and makes me feel sexy and following through with Pilates 3x a week is easy and fun.”

It’s time for action! That’s how you get what you want and I promise you that you’re ready. It’s your time to take this next step and invest in your health.

If you want a deep dive into getting set up the right way to make following through inevitable with exercise and movement, then I invite you into a 90-Minute Show Up For Yourself private coaching session. Click here to set it up (it'll open in a new window).

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We’ll go through exactly what you want, how you can shift things around to get it and create the foundation you need to make following through the only option.

It’s your day and I’m with you for the journey!

Xo Rachael

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