By Rachael Taylor

Often times your work will lead to extra stressors in your life – emotional eating, weight gain and physical burn out. And healthy eating becomes hard because of stress and something called the polarity of food. You see, food has a certain effect on your body and your emotions. When you’ve just been yelled at your boss and the knot in your upper back is tighter than a drum, your body is going to want an instant solution to calm down.

Watch the video to learn how to make healthy eating easy when you manage your stress. YOu can also read the transcript below.


Where does it turn for that solution?

To food. But specifically it turns to sugar, caffeine, cheese and alcohol since the energetic qualities of these foods are relaxing and leave your body feeling lighter and happier. And because it spikes your blood sugar, your body is even happier as it lives in that high.

So what’s the problem?

Well when you live in a constant state of feeling stressed out, your body will constantly crave these types of foods. And over consuming these foods leads to binging on sugar, weight gain, headache and fatigue, to name a few side effects.

It causes weight gain because when you eat in a stressed out state the body doesn’t digest as many nutrients as it wants to. So there’s a lot of leftover food that it can’t get nourishment from and it stores it as fat in the body.

How do you solve this?

By teaching your body how to relax, by looking for other solutions to your stress and building healthy boundaries around consistently releasing stress through natural means. Telling your body to relax isn’t as simple as you think. In fact, it may cause even more stress trying to force it to relax.

Being aware of your stress in that moment, tuning in to your body and then getting it to calm down is a learned skill. But it can be done! And having this skill is a key part to not only having the health you want right now but the future you saying “thank you” for taking the time to acquire it.

Learning not only WHAT to eat but HOW to eat is key to making healthy eating easy.

I’m telling you this because when you can get yourself off the stress train, you’ll be able to lose weight, have less cravings, feel more balanced and energetic and make healthier choices that will ripple throughout your whole life.

When you figure out how to manage your stress and stop emotional eating, weight gain and physical burnout, you’ll not only feel better but your career or business will accelerate from your added focus, energy, confidence and hustle.

You’ll be more connected to the people in your life that are most important to you.

And you’ll have everything you need to keep getting closer to your ideal healthy.

And being healthy is so much more than being the perfect weight or eating the right amount.

I know plenty of athletes and incredibly fit people that still have a dysfunctional relationship with food and exercising still feels like a chore to them. Because being healthy means going through life connected to your body, connected to the people in your life that you love the most and building a life and future that you absolutely love.

To be able to move or be active in any way you choose, to be able to eat anything you want without guilt and to feel amazing and confident in your own skin. It’s about how you choose to spend your time on this earth.

Does your life reflect that definition of healthy?

If it doesn’t, I want to invite you to a free mini coaching session with me. It’s 45 minutes of coaching focused on you, what your vision for your health is and at least one major “aha” on how to take action that very same day to get closer to that vision. Click on this link to book your free session now and learn how you can take your health to that next level.

I’m here with you and you're ready for that next step.

xo Rachael

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