By Rachael Taylor

When people learn I'm a health coach their first question is "so what should I be eating?" 

And because the answer to that question is so specific to each individual, I never know what to say in that moment because I don't have any background information. But a general rule of thumb would be to avoid highly processed foods and eat everything in moderation. 

The closer something is to its natural state, the more of it you can eat.

For instance, French fries don't pop out of the ground like that. But potatoes do. So if you had to choose between the two, pick the potato. Does that make sense?

You want to eat with the idea that you're making a Magic Plate. 

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When you make every meal "magic" you're giving your body the balance and nourishment it needs.

You will be successful when you remember 3 things about your Magic Plate:

- Have Flexibility and allow this template to shift & change according to your body wisdom.

- Your Animal Protein can also be measured using the palm of your hand.

- Remember to take your time when you eat, so you’re only 80% full and satisfied.

Now I've put together a list of high quality foods of proteins and fats that can be generally applied to anyone's eating habits.

Because everyone's body has its own ideal balance when it comes to food, but there's a general list of foods that you can follow to balance out your own food choices.

Look for the following things on the labels of your food to find the best and highest quality of each.

Beef: Choose grass-fed • Free-range or free-roaming • "Raised without antibiotics" • "No antibiotics administered" • Natural • "No hormones administered"

Eggs: Natural • Free Range or Free Roaming • Fresh • Certified Organic • Cage Free • “Certified Humane Raised and Handled” • “Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones” • “No antibiotics added”

Dairy: Organic • No Hormones (rBGH) • Antibiotic-free

Salmon: Wild Caught • Alaskan

Halibut: Pacific and California

Sardines: Wild Caught • Pacific

Fish: Arctic Char (farmed) • Barramundi (US & Vietnam farmed) • Bass - Striped (US hook and line, farmed) • Bluefish (US handline) • Catfish (US) • Clams, Mussels & Oysters • Crab - King, Snow & Tanner (AK) • Croaker - Atlantic (beach seine) • Lionfish (US) • Mahi Mahi (US handline) • Prawn - Freshwater (Canada & US) • Prawn - Spot (AK & Canada) • Rockfish (AK, CA, OR & WA) • Salmon (AK & New Zealand) • Sardines - Pacific (Canada & US) • Scallops (farmed) • Seaweed (farmed) • Shrimp (US farmed & AK) • Swordfish (Canada & US buoy, handline, harpoon) • Tilapia (Canada, Ecuador, Peru & US) • Tuna - Albacore (troll, pole and line) • Tuna - Skipjack (Pacific troll, pole and line)

Fish to Avoid Because of Higher Mercury and/or PCBs: Bluefin Tuna • Canned Albacore Tuna • Yellowfin Tuna • Atlantic Halibut • Chilean Sea Bass (from Crozet, Prince Edward, and Marion Islands and Chile) • Grouper • Monkfish • Orange Roughy • Farm Raised Salmon • Swordfish • Shark • Tilefish • King Mackerel • Marlin

High Quality Fats: Grass-Fed Beef • Chia Seeds • Poultry: organic • Wild Game • Eggs • Olives • Avocados • Algae/Seaweed • Halibut • Shrimp • Snapper • Almonds • Cashews • Almond Butter • Macadamia Nuts • Pine Nuts • Brazil Nuts • Pecans • Hazelnuts/Filberts • Sunflower Seeds • Pumpkin Seeds

Healthiest Fats: Olive oil (virgin) • Hemp (unrefined) oil • Coconut (unrefined) oil • Almond oil • Macadamia oil • Tea Seed oil • Pecan oil • Hazelnut (unrefined) oil • Avocado (unrefined) oil • Flax (unrefined/cold pressed) oil • Hazelnut (unrefined) oil • Olives (green or black) • Avocados

Foods High In MUFAs (Monounsaturated fats - healthy fat): Olive Oil • Hazelnut Oil (unrefined) • Safflower Oil (Unrefined) • Macadamia Oil • Almond Oil • Tea Seed Oil • Pecan Oil • Hazelnut (refined) Oil • Avocado Oil (unrefined/raw)

Foods High in Omega-3s: Hemp Oil • Flax oil/seeds/meal • Walnuts/walnut oil • Algae • Chia Seeds • Salmon • Scallops • Soybeans • Halibut (baked/broiled) • Shrimp (steamed/boiled) • Snapper (Baked) • Tofu (raw) • Winter Squash • Tuna, yellowfin • Cod (baked) Kidney Beans

Fats Better for Cooking: Coconut • Grass fed Butter • Macadamia Oil • Almond Oil • Pecan Oil • Hazelnut Oil • Avocado Oil (unrefined/raw) • Tea Seed Oil • Rice Oil/Rice Bran Oil

Fats Best for Dressings/Sensitive to High Temperatures: Safflower (Unrefined) • Flax (unrefined) • Hazelnut (unrefined) • Olive • Hemp (Unrefined)

Commonly Genetically Modified Fats: Corn oil • Cottonseed oil • Palm and Palm Kernel oil • Soybean oil • Canola (Rapeseed) (Conventional) oil • Mayonnaise • Margarine • Shortening • Hydrogenated oils

Other Fats: Butter (grain fed) • Sesame • Grapeseed • Safflower (refined) • Butter (Grass fed) • Ghee

And that's your cheat sheet! Simple adjustments = big results.

Making your meals as magical as possible with the Magic Plate is a fantastic step in the right direction when it comes to building healthier eating habits.

As always, if you want any help you can schedule a free 45-minute session with me here:

Share this with someone who needs it! Do you have anyone in your life that could use a little extra magic to their meals?

Remember, today is the day you take back your life.


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