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Coaching Packages

My coaching packages take the frustration and limitations away when it comes to having more confidence and building a life you love. 

I simplify everything down so you can take strategic action to leverage your natural generosity and caring to better serve the people you care about.

After all, you have to put on your oxygen mask first in order to help someone else. 

Everything you need to empower your actions and open the door to more possibilities is here.

Let's get started!

xo Rachael


When you work with me you'll:

  • Attract and connect with the right people that will enrich your life,

  • Step into your purpose and live your potential,

  • Move past blocks and hurdles that are holding you back,

  • Release body shame and redefine how you feel about your body,

  • Have an exact, customized strategy for hitting your goal,

  • Be courageous in giving proper attention to yourself without feeling guilty,

  • Find and embrace the health and lifestyle that works for you,

  • Have confidence to speak up in uncomfortable conversations,

  • Be empowered to move on from bad relationships,

  • Give yourself permission to have work-life boundaries,

  • Strategically prioritize what or who needs attention in your life,

  • Uncomplicate and simplify saying "no",

  • Increase your happiness and let the joyful, playful version of you prosper,

  • Be happily independent and grounded in who you are,

  • And so much more!


Breaking It Down

  • Your initial Intro session is anywhere from 60 to 90-Minutes long - this is done to ensure we cover everything we need to in order to set you up for the best results.

  • When you're in a coaching package, each session is 60-Minutes long. They will happen on a weekly basis - that's how you get the best results, consistency - and are designed to help you grow.

  • All calls customized to your needs, goals and vision for your life. Every week you'll receive a gentle yet challenging action step to propel you forward; I'm here with you every step of the way.

  • We talk over the phone or on video chat through Zoom each week to build on what you're learning to make your dream a reality despite life trying to get in the way.

  • I create a custom coaching strategy for overcoming your hurdles and obstacles and help you set yourself up for inevitable success no matter the situation. 

  • You'll leave each session inspired to take action, released from negativity and know exactly what you need to do until we talk again.

  • Before you enroll in a package, schedule a 30-Minute Strategy session for your initial consult. During that call, we'll assess which package is right for you based on your needs and enroll during the call.

  • Before any money is exchanged for a Coaching Package, I'll send you over a Client Agreement form for you to look over, sign and keep for both of our records. All payments are done online through PayPal to keep it secure.

  • For new or returning clients, at any time you can book a 60-Minute Standalone Session below to get on my schedule for a deep dive into what's holding you back and action steps to release it.


Your Coaching Package Options


Standalone Session

This standalone 60 or 90-Minute session is the initial deep dive into coaching you to deeper confidence, healthier boundaries and more possibilities.

A standalone session can be repurchased on a weekly or as needed basis to successfully solve problems.

Book a 60 or 90-MInute coaching session below.


*All payments must be received in full.

Petite Package

A group of 6 sessions, each 60-Minutes long to get you started on the right path. Each week you'll learn actionable steps to build your confidence levels.

This package saves you the headache of purchasing each time plus gives yourself added accountability to your transformation.

Book a 30-Minute Strategy session to learn more.


*Payment plans available

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Unstoppable Package

A group of 12, 60-Minute sessions designed to entirely transform everything on your wish list. This package is the best bang for your buck for coaching.

When you buy this package you get an additional, complimentary 60-Minute coaching session.

Book a 30-Minute Strategy session to learn more.


*Payment plans available.


"Rachael's a unique person, she expresses herself very well and very differently and has a way of giving feedback so succinctly and so quickly. I can say something and she can give it back to me so quickly.

It’s an extremely unique gift. Talking about what gets in the way for me, is really helpful because I don’t have that in my life.

To have the opportunity and have her be a presence that says well let’s tease it out a little bit and look at the positive or challenge and how you can approach it differently."

– Rita