So here's the thing, exercise doesn’t have to be hard.

In fact, there’s a way you could actually crave moving every day. Because feeling like you “have to” when it comes to working out is a sure fire way to never, ever do it.

Wanting to exercise starts with you, not in the gym.

You are doing everything you can to make exercise fun but

· It’s still completely horrible for you

· You’re always dragging yourself to do it

· & You don’t know how much longer you can keep it up

Because it's super frustrating that it’s just so darn hard. You look at how other people do it so easily, in fact they love it! And you’re always wondering why you’re not one of them.


You would love to:

· Fit into your jeans without jumping

· Have working out be easy

· be your ideal dress size

· feel great in a bathing suit

· Not find exercise boring

· Stop sabotaging yourself

· Have less stress and anxiety

· Follow through when you make a plan to work out

Exercise and you aren't friends, in fact it has a bad rep. And you just want it to be easier! You really hate the idea of getting sweaty and even though you've got a monthly gym membership you never go.

You feel like you spend all your time running around and like there's never any time to exercise. But you hate how you look and know that you should be working out in order to change that. 

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And I totally get it; I’ve been in that boat.

I was the reigning Queen of “I don’t have time for that” and my body really suffered from it.

I completely burned out and ended up bed ridden with chronic pain for two years. And I only got better when I unapologetically put myself first – valuing my health and spending time on it is the best decision I’ve ever made.

You may feel that

· Working out doesn’t come naturally to you

· You keep wasting money on gym memberships that you never go to

· You start new things but never finish them (like all those exercise DVDs on your shelf)

· Because you’re not an “athlete” it’s not for you and it's going to be too hard

· Nothing ever sticks and you constantly start over

· The spin bike in your house spends more time drying clothes than being a bike

· You can’t spend that time on yourself

· You don't have the time and spend all day running around (but not on a treadmill)



The problem is that your mind has a story around what bad thing will happen if you had your perfect body.

So you’re actually unconsciously sabotaging yourself any time you try to exercise to protect yourself from that fear.

And what you need are the tools to redefine that story, stop the sabotage & get that booty movin.

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What would you look like in 6 months if you found a way to love exercise, fit it in your schedule and do it regularly?

If you give me 4 weeks of your time, I’ll give you the key to falling in love with exercise.

We’re going to take targeted action on uncovering why you have so much resistance to exercise, how to build value around it in a way that’s specific to you and make it inevitable that you stay committed.

Because today is the day you take your life back.

And it’s definitely time you focused on your health and built the life and body you deserve.

“I found that I didn’t value exercise or taking care of myself like I valued money or my business. That was huge for me to recognize. When I learned why I didn’t value me or my health it changed everything. I’m now exercising consistently without feeling guilty and I even miss it when I don’t plan for it!” – Grace

"I have made my working out a routine and it’s for my movement, flexibility, and preventing age. I want to workout, it’s like brushing my teeth." - Dara

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The Engaging Exercise Course Is For You If

·  You JUST want exercise to be easy for once in your life.

·  You want to recognize your sabotages, stop them right away and get back on track fast.

·  You’re dying to put an end to whatever is stopping you from taking care of yourself.

·  You want to set a good example of a healthy lifestyle and balance for your family.

·  You just need someone to tell you how to stay committed when life gets crazy.

·  You’re ready to learn exactly what you need to do in order to reach your fit goals.

·  You want to build healthy boundaries and protect the space you’ve built in your calendar.

·  You’re tired of feeling stressed out and unhappy with how you look.

·  You want to change now so you don’t have to keep working on the same problem.

·  You want to actually enjoy bathing suit shopping.

·  You don’t want to keep working on the same problem.

But most importantly, you want to love your reflection, feel great in your own skin, be strong and easily zip up your favorite dress.  

By The End Of The Program You’ll

·  Have daily and weekly routines in action that support your exercise,

·  Have identified and released any negative feelings about your body and exercise,

·  Be able to easily combat sabotage and stop it from throwing you off your game,

·  Have the tools you need to keep yourself a priority when you get busier,

·  Stop resisting the new body and health you're creating,

·  Know how to stop reverting back to old habits that don't serve you,

This course is focused on you and what you need in place in order to exercise consistently without hating it.

Exercising doesn’t have to be hard, are you ready to let it be easy for you?

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You’re going to go from feeling like you HAVE to work out to...

WANTING to exercise

LOVING the results you see

being COMFORTABLE in your skin

& BEING ACTIVE in ways you never thought were possible


it's time you had that life.

It's time you were the active one in your friend group.

Here's What You Get

> > > 4 weeks of private, one on one coaching to reshape how you feel about exercise and practical action steps to get moving consistently.

> > > A 60 minute call each week to build on what you’re learning and remove obstacles one at a time - 4 calls in total.

> > > 2 additional, 30 minute follow-up coaching calls to hold you accountable and break through resistance.

> > > You’ll receive action steps each week between our calls to integrate what you’re learning into your daily routine.

> > > You have email access to me Monday through Friday during work hours for any emergency you may have and to keep your train on its tracks.

> > > You’ll receive the added bonus of recap emails after each session so you know exactly what to do for that week and can refer back to it so you have everything you need to be successful.

> > > Beautiful, done for you handouts and worksheets.

Investment: $897



You and I talk for 60 minutes on the phone each week for 4 weeks with action steps at the end of every call to challenge you to move forward. Your action steps will change your daily routine but only in a way that you know is attainable and still challenging for you.


Think of me as a personal trainer for your mind. Because your thoughts and beliefs drive your actions. My coaching programs remove the resistance you have to exercise so that you can go out and be motivated to work out on your own. Your short-term accountability to my program will build long-term accountability to yourself and build a healthy future.


My schedule does fill up quickly because I have limited coaching hours every week. But! If you're ready to jump in and need a different time not offered, email me directly at so we can find a time that works for both of us!

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