So here’s the thing, diets don’t work.

They're not sustainable.

They damage your body.

And they're not the way you get down 2 dress sizes and keep it.

You have rebuild your relationship to food so you can stop emotional binges, counting calories and feeling guilty every time you eat something.

You are working really hard to eat well but you still feel:

·  Like you’re missing out on all the great tasting food

·  Frustrated that counting calories isn’t working like it used to

·  & Like it’s one step forward, two steps back

And you’re ready to be done with this whole diet thing!

Because up until now eating healthy has been a whole lot of “don’t eat that, this or the other thing”. And let's be honest you don’t want to give up eating or drinking the fun things in life...but you know that you should take better care of yourself.

And your body is really feeling the wear and tear of not eating in a way that nourishes your body. And you’re worried that you’ll never be able to get a handle on this.



You would love to:

· Eat what you want without guilt

· Not binge on sugar or carbs

· Feel amazing in your skin

· Stop living with extra weight

· Actually like bathing suit shopping

· Enjoy eating food

· Feel confident and sexy 

Whether you want to eat better, cook more at home, be better at meal prep, make smarter choices when you eat out…one thing is true – it starts with you deciding that you’re going to invest time in rebuilding your relationship to food and then actually doing it.

Because you’re amazing – you’re actually Wonder Woman hiding under those glasses – and it’s time you treated yourself like the Amazon Queen that you are.


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And I totally get it - I’ve been in that boat.

I was the reigning Queen of “I’ll just drink coffee and that’ll perk me up and keep me from getting hungry” and my body really suffered from it.

I completely burned out and ended up bed ridden with chronic pain for two years. And I only got better when I unapologetically put myself first – valuing and understanding what foods were best for my body turned everything around.

You may feel that

·  It's just easier to eat out or order in

·  All the yummy food is bad for you and it's not fair

·  It's carrot sticks & almonds from here on out

·  It’s too overwhelming to change how you eat 

·  You can't be healthy and still have foods you love

·  It's all just a maddening calorie counting game

·  If you just eat less, you'll be skinnier and happier   


The problem is that part of you knows you could change anything but the other part of you is so comfortable with your habits that any time you try to do something different it sabotages you.

You’re actually unconsciously stopping yourself any time you try something different like add in more leafy greens and take out bread.

And what you need are the tools to stop the ups and downs of the diet cycle and get crystal clear on what to eat and how to eat.

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What would your life look like if you could eat the foods you love without guilt, keep your body balanced and your cravings in check?

If you give me 8 weeks of your time, I’ll teach you how to have a better relationship with food.

We’re going to take targeted action on getting clear on what your body needs, how to put that understanding into practice every day and remove emotional triggers around food.

Because today is the day you take your life back.

And it’s definitely time you stopped feeling self-conscious in your own skin.

“I was a professional dieter and stress eater; it was like it was in my DNA. I’m now looking at what I eat as how I’m going to feel the next day. I’m consciously aware of what I’m eating for the first time in 30 years. And I’m making choices that are in line with my intentions. And my intentions were that I declutter my life and that included decluttering my body of excess weight.” - Grace

“Now I look at food in a different way and do meal prep for most work days, on the days I don't do it I don't beat myself up about it. And having an appointment every week to focus on my goals and regroup has really made an impact on how I plan my week, what I want to do and I like setting time aside to organize myself." - Dara

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Guilt-Free Eating is for You If

· You want to stop stress eating.

·  You want to recognize your sabotages, stop them right away and get back on track fast.

·  You’re dying to put an end to whatever is stopping you from eating well.

·  You want to set a good example of a healthy lifestyle and balance for your family.

·  You just need someone to tell you how to stay on track when life gets messy

·  You’re ready to learn exactly what you need to do in order to take better care of yourself.

·  You want to build healthy boundaries that last.

·  You’re tired of hating how you look.

·  You want to change and keep it so you don’t have to keep fixing the same problem.

But most importantly, you want to feel sexy, confident, happy, healthy and free to love food and your body without shame or guilt.

By The End Of The Program You’ll

·  Have daily and weekly routines in action that support your new eating habits.

·  Have identified and released any negative feelings about your body and food.

·  Be able to easily combat sabotage and stop it from throwing you off your game.

·  Have the tools you need to keep eating well a priority when you get busier.

·  Be able to easily make smart and informed choices about what you eat.

·  Have removed any obstacles that were in your way and know how to stop them from creeping back in.

This course is focused on you and what you need in place to be your happiest, healthiest self.

Eating well doesn’t have to be hard, are you ready to let it be easy for you?

Live Your LifeWithout Burnout (9).png

You're going to go from feeling overwhelmed and GUILTY to...

being CONFIDENT in your choices

LOVING who you are

being COMFORTABLE in your skin

& TAKING ACTION on creating the lifestyle you’ve always wanted


It's time you stopped being controlled by food.

It's time you were in charge.


Here’s What You Get

> > > 8 weeks of private, one on one coaching to rebuild your relationship to food and eliminate the need for a diet ever again.

> > > A 60 minute call once a week to build on what you’re learning and remove obstacles one at a time - 8 calls in total.

> > > 2 additional, 30 minute follow up calls to hold you accountable and keep you on track.

> > > You’ll receive action steps each week between our calls to integrate what you’re learning into your daily routine.

> > > You have email access to me Monday through Friday during work hours for any emergency you may have and to keep your train on its tracks.

> > > You’ll receive the added bonus of recap emails after each session so you know exactly what to do for that week and can refer back to it so you have everything you need to be successful.

> > > Beautiful, done for you handouts and worksheets.

Investment: $1497



You and I talk for 60 minutes on the phone each week for 8 weeks with action steps at the end of every call to challenge you to move forward. Your action steps will change your daily routine but only in a way that you know is attainable and still challenging for you.


Think of me as a personal trainer for your mind. Because your thoughts and beliefs drive your actions.My coaching programs not only removes the resistance you have to eating healthy, but also gives you the knowledge you need to go out and make smart choices for yourself. Your short-term accountability to my program will build long-term accountability to yourself and build a healthy future.


My schedule does fill up quickly because I have limited coaching hours every week. But! If you're ready to jump in and need a different time not offered, email me directly at so we can find a time that works for both of us!

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