Learn to move past fears, insecurities and negative back-talk so you can unlock your potential and be confident in all areas of your life.

I specialize in coaching around confidence and relationships as these two elements are the glue that hold us and our society together. Your confidence is key to your beliefs, thoughts and therefore actions. Your relationships either support or tear down your progress. By learning how to have unshakeable confidence and healthy boundaries in relationships, you'll have the tools you need to make and hit any goal you set in front of yourself.

Have you been running into the same problem over and over again when you want to change something (or multiple things) in your health, relationships, business, career or insecurities? Do you get stopped by fear when pursuing your dream or find yourself sabotaging right when you get close to having what you want? I can help you with that. As your coach, I help you eliminate whatever's keeping you stuck with love and accountabilty so you can move forward on the right path.

Based on what you want, I'll build a customized coaching plan designed to support and challenge you.

Wanna know more about how it works? Scroll down for all the details.


After working with Rachael,

I’m now looking at what I eat as how I’m going to feel the next day. I’m consciously aware of what I’m eating for the first time in 30 years. - Grace


Does this sound like you?

Do you find yourself consumed with to-do lists but find yourself overwhelmed and stuck?

The longer the list, the bigger the overwhelm. I'll show you how to prioritize and structure your days, weeks and months so you can find the time for what you hold most important in your life. We'll strategize what needs to happen (and when) so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and start feeling like the champion you are.

Is your drive and perfectionism getting in your way and constantly points out your mistakes or flaws?

No one's perfect, but when you're trying something new or working towards a goal perfectionism is a roadblock that's in need of a bulldozer. As a recovering perfectionist myself, I'm a pro at teaching you how to release that need for something to be perfect without sacrificing quality and actually enjoy the journey.


Are you looking for ways to put yourself out there even though you're introverted and shy?

Trying to find a balance for introverts is tricky, especially a social balance. And you've probably gotten some flack for it over the years, not to mention you're exhausted from all the togetherness. Together we'll uncover what balance works best for you, how to say "no" without feeling guilty and the boundaries you need to recharge your battery.

Can your negative thoughts stop you from completely loving and accepting who you are and how you look?

Does any change or improvement you make to your health or body never quite seem good enough? That's because how you view yourself starts in your mind, not your mirror. But you already know that, so how can I help? I have a proven coaching method that I will teach you to stop feeling bad about yourself once and for all.


Does sabotage and resistance overshadow every step you take in the right direction and you're feeling burned out?

Are you living a one step forward, two steps back situation? You're right on the brink of that dream but that final step just keeps evading you? I know how you feel! And yes, there's a way for it to be easier. I'll teach you how to take control of those feelings and bad habits so they stop getting in your way.

Has anything stopping you from pursuing your dreams and you're looking for some direction to change that?

There's something in your life you've always wanted to be or have or do but you can't quite take that initial step or big leap it requires. It boils down to fear, but everyone has a very different and specific fear. I can help you bring that fear into the light and work to dissolve it so you can pursue your big vision.


Rachael's very unique,


she expresses herself very well and very differently and has a way of giving feedback so succinctly and so quickly. I can say something and she can give it back to me so quickly. It’s an extremely unique gift. - Rita


So how much time do we need together?

It's unique to you! Every session brings you closer to your goal.


To truly have more confidence in all areas of your life and move past what's stopping you, you'll need to give attention to what in your life is serving you and what isn't.

In other words, to know what you want different and what tweaks and adjustments you'll need to do to get there. In your complimentary 30-Minute Strategy session, we'll map out what exactly needs to happen and when. That will determine how much time we'll need together.


How soon can I book you?

Ready to start solving your problems like yesterday?

What time do you need? I have teaching hours available Tuesday & Thursday in the morning and afternoon. I'm a morning gal and a 5:00 am riser so if you're a nightbird and want an evening session, we're probably not the best fit for each other (but I can send you to other coaches I trust and love that do work nights). If you're an early riser like me and you're looking to get your self-improvement knocked out before lunch so you can go about your day, then we're a perfect pair. My earliest sessions are open at 6:30 am with the last one wrapping up at 1:00 pm.

So how much will it cost?

RATES: Competitively priced to match your ROI

Hiring a coach is an investment in your life just like everything else. Think of me as organic v. processed food. It takes more commitment and money to eat organic, but the lack of chemicals and pesticides in your body will have a greater return on investment for you and make the extra $$ spending at the grocery store worth it. So I ask you, what's going to happen for you when you have more confidence and are taking consistent, uninhibited action towards your goals? What becomes possible for you, the people in your life and your future?


Is the 30-Minute Strategy session free?


Part of hiring a coach is first and foremost meeting your coach! And because I'm a location free, online based coaching business I have complimentary, 30-Minute Strategy sessions available to anyone interested in working with me. Think of it as online speed dating but without the random "Hey" messages from people you don't know. A Strategy session is 100% free and helps answer your biggest question: "Can you help me with my problem?"

Do we talk over the phone or in person?

Yes to the first, no to the second.

We talk on the phone or through video chat, using a secure video web tool called Zoom, for your sessions. Each session is 60 minutes long, although your initial Intro session can run up to 90 minutes. The calls happen on a weekly basis, as consistently as possible and allow for enough time to cover what we need as well as give you homework to work on until our next call. Don't worry, no tests or essays here. Just practical strategy that you can use to take consistent action to reach your goals.


Rates & Packages

How's it work when you book with me? We'll talk 1:1 over the phone or through video chat and work together to liberate you from what's holding you back. Every session will be filled to the brim with what I call "aha" moments, moments where things click, shift, all the lightbulbs turn on and you find yourself filled with fire to take action. At the end of the day, you'll end up being challenged, loved and supported as you move from stuck to success.


Coach Me


Want to know what it's like working with me? 

It's 1 standalone coaching session for new clients or return clients.

Coach Me is perfect for you if: 

- We've never worked together before and you want to give it a try without commiting big bucks to it. Think of this a test run.

- You're a returning client and you need a 60-Minute session for a more efficient solution to a new problem that's popped up in your life.

- You're not ready to invest in a group of sessions but want to start taking action on the plan I created for you in your Strategy session so week by week is where you're most comfortable.

- You're looking to "pick my brain" about coaching, coaching for a living and having an online business.

Power Month


We're movin' and shakin'. (Special rate: 4 for $500)

This is 4 coaching sessions. Special rate of 4 for $500, that's $100 off the normal total.

Power Month is perfect for you if:

- You've tried out the Standalone Session and are ready to jump in and tackle those mental road blocks.

- You want to focus on moving past one specific block.

- You're looking to move past "trying to get started" to not only started but on your way to glory.

- You need some gentle guidance as you work through your block but want to ease into coaching.

- You're completely overwhelmed and don't know where to start or what to focus on. This is a great place for a starter investment on your calendar and wallet.


Unshakeable You


Transform into a new you. (Special bonus: 1 additional 60-Minute coaching session 100% free)

12 coaching sessions. (Special bonus: 1 additional 60-Minute coaching session, that's $150 value free).

Unshakeable You is perfect for you if:

- You've got a series of mindset shifts and new habits you want to create.

- You're ready and committed to spending 3 months in coaching to transform your mindset and lifestyle.

- You love the idea of getting a completely free coaching session when you sign up.

- You're pretty good at self starting but staying the course is where you get stopped up.

- You're looking for some loving accountability to move past that resistance and sabotage as you start movin' and shakin'.


Use the scheduler below to choose a session type.

Click on which you want to schedule and then fill out the corresponding information so I can connect with you. You'll receive a confirmation email as well as reminder emails for your session.


Since working with Rachael I can now stand and look at myself in the mirror without judgment.

I have made my working out a routine and I don’t work out for weight loss but it’s for my movement, flexibility, and preventing age – I want to work out, it’s like brushing my teeth.

I learned how to set boundaries – before I was yes person and was worried that people wouldn’t like me and now I'm teaching them that my time is valuable too. And they book on the days that I tell them I'm available!

Now I look at food in a different way and do meal prep for most work days, on the days I don't do it I don't beat myself up about it. And having an appointment every week to focus on my goals and regroup has really made an impact on how I plan my week, what I want to do and I like setting time aside to organize myself.

- Dara


Rachael is amazing.

She possesses such a depth of knowledge of how the body works, what it needs, and how we can be more in tune with it so we can treat it right. She helped me adjust my meals to be more efficient with work, figure out ways to sneak in little “me” moments, and take care of my emotional needs with love and logic.

I’m so excited for everyone that will work with her – she truly cares about you!

– Julie