Step 1: Book a Strategy Session

To truly have more confidence iin all areas of your life and move past what's stopping you, you'll need to give attention to what in your life is serving you and what isn't. In other words, to know what you want different and what tweaks and adjustments you'll need to do to get there.

That's where the Strategy session comes in! It's 30-Minutes, totally free, and we'll go through what you want to change step by step. It's simple, powerful and grounds you for a custom strategy that I'll build for you right on the spot.

Coaching is a resource for you to learn how to leverage your time, energy and actions while staying true to who you are as you build a life you love.

In your Strategy session we'll cover all that, answer any questions you may have and I'll create a bold, detailed strategy specific to your needs. Sounds good right? 

Let's get started!


"Since working with Rachael I can now stand and look at myself in the middle without judgment. I learned how to set boundaries – before I was yes person and was worried that people wouldn’t like me and now I'm teaching them that my time is valuable too. And they book on the days that I tell them I'm available!

And having an appointment every week to focus on my goals and regroup has really made an impact on how I plan my week, what I want to do and I like setting time aside to organize myself."

- Dara


Step 2: Become unstoppable with a Coaching Package that's perfect for you

After your Strategy session you'll be excited to take action. Understanding where you need to grow, how coaching can guide you there and the endless possibilities you'll open up for yourself will guide you in the right direction.

My Coaching Packages are designed to support you as you powerfully take action on your custom strategy and create a path for a more joyful, playful and abundant life. I'll teach you how to leverage your amazing gifts of generosity, caring and desire to help in a way that doesn't burn you out or leave you feeling unwanted or used.

All this (and more) happens by working together one-on-one on a weekly basis; I provide the accountability and teaching you need to easily empower your actions and embrace your authentic self.