So here’s the thing, spending all day running around taking care of everyone else is a sure fire way to burn out faster than a candle in a rainstorm.

You can’t possibly be everything you want to be if you don’t take time for yourself.

Being happy and feeling great starts with you.

And you’re working really hard at finding balance but you still feel...

· Overwhelmed trying to be everything to everyone

· Stressed out with everything you need to get done each day

· & Like you never have time for yourself or to relax

Because there’s always something more to do, someone that needs your attention and a list of tasks a mile long.

Turning your brain off or stopping isn’t an option, you have to keep hustling!

But your body is really feeling the wear and tear of not spending time on yourself. And you’re worried that you’re going to burn out and let everyone (including yourself) down.


You would love to:

· Stop running around all day and have more time for you

· Be recognized for all your hard work

· Feel amazing in your skin

· Stop living with that stress knot in your neck

· Manage your stress and actually relax at the end of the day

· Enjoy your time off and make choices that make you happy

Whether you want to eat better, cook more at home, exercise consistently or take long walks on the beach…one thing is true – it starts with you deciding that you’re going to spend on yourself and then actually doing it.

Because you’re amazing – you’re actually Wonder Woman hiding under those glasses – and it's time you treated yourself like the hero that you are.

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And I totally get it; I’ve been in that boat.

I was the reigning Queen of “I don’t have time for that” and my body really suffered from it.

I completely burned out and ended up bed ridden with chronic pain for two years. And I only got better when I unapologetically put myself first – valuing my health and spending time on it is the best decision I’ve ever made.

You may feel that

·  There’s always something more important

·  You’re taking time away from other people’s happiness

·  Working harder is the solution to keeping up with other people

·  Nothing you do is ever good enough

·  It’s natural to put yourself last because you’ve always took care of everyone else first


The problem is that you actually feel guilty for taking any time for you.

You’re actually sabotaging yourself any time you try to move your schedule around or block off time for you.

And what you need are the tools to stop the madness and write your needs in sharpie on your to-do list.

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Picture your future self and how happy she’ll be that you decided that today you were done putting yourself last.

If you give me 4 weeks of your time, I’ll give you the key to a balanced lifestyle.

We’re going to take targeted action on putting yourself first without guilt or sacrificing your dedication to your family, business or relationships.

Because today is the day you take your life back.

And it’s definitely time you stopped feeling guilty for spending time on yourself and got the health, life and body you know you deserve.

“I found that I didn’t value exercise or taking care of myself like I valued money or my business. That was huge for me to recognize. When I learned why I didn’t value me or my health it changed everything. I’m now exercising consistently without feeling guilty and I even miss it if I don't exercise that day!”

– Grace

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This 30-Day Self-Care Course is for You If

  • You want to put yourself first without feeling guilty or like you’re taking away from something else.
  • You want to recognize your sabotages, stop them right away and get back on track fast.
  • You’re dying to put an end to whatever is stopping you from taking care of yourself.
  • You want to set a good example of a healthy lifestyle and balance for your family.
  • You just need someone to tell you how to stay on your to-do list when life gets crazy.
  • You’re ready to learn exactly what you need to do in order to take better care of yourself.
  • You want to build healthy boundaries and protect the space you’ve built in your calendar.
  • You’re tired of feeling stressed out and unhappy with how you look.
  • You want to make a change that lasts so you don’t have to keep coming back to the same problem.

But most importantly, you want to feel alive, sexy, confident, happy, healthy and free to create any life you want without shame, frustration or guilt over going after what you want.



What We'll Cover

Module 1: Your Body and You

Uncovering why you don’t have what you want and learn how to make more time for yourself. We'll find and release limiting beliefs around what your body could look and feel like and connect to your motivating factors for change. 

Module 2: Personal Power and Nourishment

Empowering your actions with HOW you’ll add self-care to your life. We're going to get real specific about which actions you need for you to make your life healthier and your days happier. 

Module 3: Stopping Sabotage

Identifying your sabotages and how to get back on track quickly when life happens and your guideline for decluttering to make more room for the new you.

Module 4: Building Healthy Boundaries

We'll continue to build boundaries in other areas of your life, not just the actions you do for your personal health and how to protect the space you’ve built for yourself in the long term.

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By The End Of This Course You’ll

·  Have daily and weekly routines in action that support you and your health

·  Have identified and released any negative feelings about your body and the life that you’re creating

·  Be able to easily combat sabotage and stop it from throwing you off your game

·  Have the tools you need to keep yourself a priority when you get busier

·  Be able to easily prioritize tasks in your day so there’s time for you

·  Have removed any obstacles that were in your way and know exactly how to stop them from creeping back in

This course is focused on you and what you need in place to be your happiest, healthiest self.

Giving attention to you doesn’t have to be hard, are you ready to let it be easy for you?

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Here’s What You Get

>>>  4 weeks of group coaching to teach you step by step how to build a balanced life and be comfortable with putting yourself first.

>>> 8 live group calls, taking action on putting yourself first and getting in your schedule.

>>>  1 private, 30-minute call with me at any time throughout the 4 weeks to give you one on one attention in any area that you’re struggling with or want more coaching on.

>>>  Worksheets to take what you learned in the handouts and apply it with purposeful action

>>>  Private Facebook community – a collaborative space focused on what you’re learning, everyone can benefit from each other’s questions and answers.

>>>  Lifetime access to private Facebook community, because life is better with friends! This community is an open and supportive space where we navigate life’s choppy waters while taking care of ourselves, first and foremost.



What exactly does your 30-Day Self-Care course offer?

The 30-Day Self-Care is an online course that will show you step-by-step how to master the art of putting yourself first without guilt and learning how to stop sabotaging yourself.

It's designed to help you break bad habits (that you might not even be aware of) that are blocking you from experiencing a healthy lifestyle and balance, and will help you form new habits that will have you taking better care of yourself easily and without resistance.

It's for you if you're ready to have the healthy lifestyle you want (and deserve!), break through the health blocks that keep you stuck at a certain health level, and start building the life you want much easier - using practical, actionable tools that not only make sense but make an actual difference in your life.

They are results you can see and feel!

This is not a "feel-good, look at your dream and hope for the best" type course. And I'm not just going to tell you what to do and walk away.

Together, we dive in and take specific action to transform your health (it's actually kind of fun!) and as a result, you really DO see your mindset shift and life become a whole lot better.

This is the stuff I teach to my private clients - maybe you've already heard about it from a friend?

You get to dive straight in and upgrade your self-care habits for 2018 as we start this live round next, March 5th to March 29th.

What is self-care work?

Self-care work is centered around the actions your body and mind need to be balanced and feel great. Stress is a big needle mover in our lives. What do I mean by that? When you're stressed and living in that state of always running around, your body starts to freak out. Because it can't live under that kind of pressure without bad ramifications.

The problem is, that most of us don't pause long enough to even recognize the kind of strain we're putting ourselves under. This leads to burn out, overwhelm, body pain, fatigue, stress eating, a desire to escape and resistance to change.

By practicing more self-care, you're taking back your life - one action at a time.

Self-care work gives you the balance you need to stop living in that "aaahhhh" state, get your focus back, your energy up and your boundaries set.

It's learning how to incorporate consistent movement, eating right for your body, daily stress management techniques and stopping being so dang hard on yourself.

Self-care is not feeling guilty for taking time for you, for pausing to relax, to re-center, to take time doing something you love even though you've still got things to take care of.

Because truly living means living a life you love. And a part of loving a life you live, is praciticing daily self-care and letting go of the "I'm not good enough" and "I don't deserve it".

This is something I'm passionate about teaching women to do and I'd love to have you join us.

How will I get access to the coaching?

Each week you'll receive your worksheets and audio recordings going over the module for that week. There are 4 modules, one for each week, that build on each other and take you to that next level each time.

There are 1 hour, live coaching calls with me that are recorded and sent you for you to review or to watch if you couldn't make the live call. This is your time for Q&A as well as group coaching exercises going over the material and getting deeper in the work.

You have exclusive access to a private facebook group where we'll be doing most our collaborating and sharing. I try really hard not to send a billion emails so the group is designed to cut down on that.

You have lifetime access to the private facebook group and free entry into any time the course is relaunched. It will run more than once each year, you are more than welcome and encouraged to join each round to keep growing and learning in your self-care work.

How will this coaching help me? Has it helped others?

Where do I start? Over the years I have personally learned the importance of taking better care of myself and releasing my blocks around self-care. 

My clients have all come to me wanting a different experience than the one they were having. To not be driven by stress, overwhelmed by exercise, intimidated by setting up boundaries, consumed with emotional eating and unsure of how to change it when they'd tried so many times before.

Here's some feedback from some of my clients...

“During our time together, Rachael introduced me to the phrase ‘Is this decision in line with my intentions?’

That was a huge impact on my life because even though I’ve had it in my brain for more than 30 years that everything is a choice, that phrase impacted me greater. I was a professional dieter and stress eater; it was like it was in my DNA.

I’m now looking at what I eat as how I’m going to feel the next day. I’m consciously aware of what I’m eating for the first time in 30 years. And I’m making choices that are in line with my intentions.

And my intentions were that I declutter my life and that included decluttering my body of excess weight.”

– Grace


"Since working with Rachael I can now stand and look at myself in the middle without judgment.

I have made my working out a routine and I don’t work out for weight loss but it’s for my movement, flexibility, and preventing age – I want to work out, it’s like brushing my teeth.

I learned how to set boundaries – before I was yes person and was worried that people wouldn’t like me and now I'm teaching them that my time is valuable too. And they book on the days that I tell them I'm available!

Now I look at food in a different way and do meal prep for most work days, on the days I don't do it I don't beat myself up about it. And having an appointment every week to focus on my goals and regroup has really made an impact on how I plan my week, what I want to do and I like setting time aside to organize myself."

- Dara


"Rachael's a unique person, she expresses herself very well and very differently and she has way of giving feedback so succinctly and so quickly. I can say something and she can give it back to me so quickly. It’s an extremely unique gift. Talking about what gets in the way for me, is really helpful because I don’t have that in my life. To have the opportunity and have her be a presence that says well let’s tease it out a little bit and look at the positive or challenge and how you can approach it differently."

– Rita

Ok Rachael, how is this different from other courses, trainers or therapists?

I can't speak for ALL courses or trainers or books - but I can confidently say that women who've really dived head first into this work, especially ones who participate in live coaching with me, end up experiencing things like...


- Exercise being a staple in their day (and actually enjoying it)

- Eliminating anxiety and being comfortable saying "no"

- Not turning to food or sugar for comfort

- Changing their diet and exercise habits at the same time...and having it stick

- Their dream weight getting closer and closer

- Waking up each day excited to live their life


When was the last time you worked with someone or read a book that gave you those kinds of results? It's like going to a live concert versus just listening to a CD...

I can assure you, you will not feel left behind in this course. There's no such thing as "behind", only "ahead" because you're going to encouraged to take the exact steps you need and want to take for wherever you're starting from right now.

There's no judgement and tons of support. (won't find that in a book!)

Plus, because it's a live round you'll have me right there by your side every step of the way. You'll have access to live calls and group coaching, plus an extra bonus of the 30-minute private coaching call with me. 

Join the 30-Day Self-Care Course and get yourself some real results. It's my belief that to self-care holds the key to happy, healthy and balanced life that you'll love to wake up to every morning.

I mean that. I've devoted my life to helping other women take better care of themselves so they can be free of those health blocks that have been holding them back and keeping them small. I want this for you. And I'm holding that vision for you. Together we can change our lives and build a future of possibility. I can't wait to be a part of your transformational health journey.

I already barely have time for myself - how will I make time for this course? Won't it make me more overwhelmed?

Working in a group setting is the best way to get coaching while having work around your schedule. It’s like a homeschooling program, you can fit the work in when you can. The course is designed to be flexible and each call fits within one hour. All the calls are recorded for you to watch again if you have conflict that week.

Getting your questions answered live and learning from others is the best way to really stay engaged but you can absolutely get a ton of transformation by doing the work, being active in the Facebook group and watching all the calls each week.

HOW do I know I'm a good fit for this?

This course does move quickly - it's 4 weeks for a reason! I believe that people best see change when they are motivated, fired up and ready to dig through what's holding them back. I keep things short, sweet but powerful. I don't believe in a lot of fluff or hand holding, if you want to finally find that balance between taking care of yourself and giving 100% to everything that you do then you're in the right place.

I'm here to challenge you to move past your sabotage, to release disempowering beliefs about yourself and build incredible value around your health, your body and the endless possibilities it will give you that you'll end the course thinking "I can't believe I haven't been doing this my whole life, it's so natural!"

Have More q's?

Shoot me an email at

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